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Designed and built for a private client to serve as a temporary shade pavilion for a two weeks Festival of Arts and Ideas, in New Haven Connecticut downtown green park. This deployable structure aims to create a floated shelter which avoids imposing any loads to the ground, which traditional structures require. Instead, it proposes a well-fabricated balloon, which is filled with Helium to raise the imposed loads toward the sky. During this event, Floatastic embraced many cultural events including music, food stage, and shading space. 
As a lighting system, the designers chose to use the idea of picture mapping and projection as a tool for attracting the attention during the night. For this part of the system, the processing made animations was mapped on the balloon, producing a dynamic effect of the musical events. 

Designer in Charge: Reza Zia

Designer team : Mahdi Alibakhshian, Ali Sadeghian 
Consultants; Nathaniel Hadley, Mohammad Mojahedi 
Media: PVC Balloon Inflated with Helium Summer 2014, New Haven, CT, USA 
Lighting: Picture projection mapping (Made by agent base design process in processing)