Established on 2010, Qastic studio is recognize for its work in architecture, sculpture, design and urban infrastructure.

The studio is mainly concentrated on finding innovative design solutions with artistic approach and ongoing attention to material, fabrication and craftsmanship. Undertaken in a sprit of curiosity and experimentation systems, Qastic believes in collaborative methodologies in the discipline of design

Within the collaborative works of Mahdi Alibakhshian with NADAAA, Pelli Clark Pelli architect and Fluid motion architects, studio has acquired a high level of expertise in the design and realization of arguments that are although considered as fundamentals of design, has never been questioned.  It is under the Qastic umbrella that each of design outcomes will define a new brand with another “astic ” suffix that can continue to regenerate versions of design services in that particular realm. Out of this branding process, Floatastic and Jewelastic have initiated their design services in their parallel researches with Qastic.