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The Convex pavilion is an experience for which exists on two values. In the first place, it has historical significance as it marks a decisive turning-point in the material development which is a response to the idea of flexibility and adaptations with the olive court’s various functions. In the second place, it typifies and reflects an essential embodied relationship with the context, and behaviors in the park and city. 

Centenary strips of reflective fabric or thick mylar mesh surfaces are proposing movable composition which folds to operate flexibly upon the needs of occasions. The convex mirrored-fabric surfaces of strips are created in draping condition by integral, light-weight cables anchored by the site’s current state and additional poles.  

As a designer, we have built on the Grand Park’s historical interrogation of architecture’s use value, within a landscape condition; operating through the sculptural metaphor of folding the landscape of park and city into one space.  The sum is a playful architecture of environmental refraction which reflects and distorts the vibrant life and colors of the park, it spins the city, people, events and its landscape into a unique cloud of distorted images.